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Intercultural Marketing and Ethno-Marketing

Marketing is not necessarily simply marketing. In the same way that no culture is exactly the same as another, a marketing concept for a product cannot be the same for all cultures.


A marketing strategy must deal with the needs and values of a culture carefully, in order to achieve the desired effects. For this purpose it is of great importance to implement a change of perspective and to empathize with the other culture. If symbols, rituals, and religious and cultural practices are not correctly deployed, it can lead to stereotypes and can be offensive and this leads to aversion to a product and offense instead of the desired effects.

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We’re more than happy to consult you in the expansion of your marketing activities into other cultural fields.


This can mean that you are planning to take a step outside of the borders of your own country with your product and that you want to adjust your product to foreign markets. In this case, we will develop a concept for intercultural marketing.


Should you plan on addressing individual ethnic groups within your country, we are more than happy to work out a corresponding ethno-marketing concept.

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